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Floral Pattern 28

One of my personal favorite and most inspirational materials I love to draw are flowers. I love them in all shapes and sizes, and I think I will continue to draw and paint them for the rest of my life. This is part of a large floral series I drew throughout the spring of 2019, and there are 30 designs total. Check out my shop page for the rest of the designs!


The original drawing is 4" x 4", and is hand-drawn with Micron pens on illustration board. The print prices are:


Small (5"x5"): $5.00 

Medium (12"x12"): $15.00 

Large (16"x20"): $25.00


For each size, only five prints will be sold. The remaining size options are:


Small (5"x5"): 5/5

Medium (12"x12"): 5/5

Large (16"x20"): 5/5 


For questions, feel free to reach me at: 

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